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House Sketch Exterior Front V! Centered Slider V2.jpg
KV studs exposed white_1-400W 72dpi.jpg
KV studs exposed white_5-400W 72dpi.jpg
KV studs exposed white_3-400W 72dpi.jpg

Standard features include:  

All features are subject to availability:

Roof: Corrugated Metal

Roof Rafter's:  2x6

Wall Construction:  2x4

Exterior Siding: T1-11

Exterior Paint 

Hawaiian painted art on 2 sides of exterior 

2 - 3x3 Vinyl Windows

1 – 2x3 Vinyl Window

1 – 4x8 Vinyl Window

Door:  36x80 Vinyl Door

Flooring:  Solid Bamboo Flooring

Subfloor:  3/4 inch Plywood

Floor Juices: 2x6

FloorPlan WEB V1.jpg


72x80 Vinyl Sliding Glass Door.

       Replaces 4x8 Window:   $450

Speak to us about other window and door upgrades.

Interior white satin paint:   $1,100

Deck: 12x8 in front or back:   $ ???

Deck: 18x6 Side Deck:   $ ???

Landing in front of back door 4x4 with steps:   $900



Foundations are not included with a Love Shack. Slab foundations, Gravel Bed, Concrete Pier Blocks or any other foundation type needs to be finished before we can deliver your Love Shack. The first step is a site visit. During the site visit we will look at site access for delivery

and your foundation needs.

Most people lay Pier Block, or concrete block foundations themselves. However, if you would prefer we would be happy to give you a quote and include the foundation in the Love Shack. Please get in touch with a phone call for any questions.

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